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Just here to let you all know how fortunate you are to cheap RS gold play with a game that the developers say they care what the community believes or says.

Just here to let you all know how fortunate you are to cheap RS gold play with a game that the developers say they care what the community believes or says. The fact that we have a polling process is unbelievable, and frankly a few of you in this community make the most of it. Seems most suggestions become supported before they consider that it is a real person on the dev group that must spend time and blurred out. And then if jagex thinks your idea isn't worth spending the time on (aka saying it requires engine work to avoid having to even discuss the real reasons as to why it is a stupid idea) you guys get all mad because RuneScape isn't exactly how you would like it to function or is not as easy as you would like it to be.

Call me everything dismissive and BS title you want but believe it or not, a little bit of battle is good for you, it is good for your mind, it is good for your happiness, and it's good for society. If you have nothing to point to this can be deemed a achievement that you end up miserable. Yeah that is a very long stretch state depression is caused by it and to treat life upgrade suggestions, but alot of these quality of life ideas stem from people who think trivial tasks are too fuckin. I have seen the pub of"this is too hard" get lowered lower and lower the past few years with this echo chamber website and It's sad to see.

It's even worse that individuals are entitled to the feeling that RuneScape has to be changed to fit their view of how it should be made. I fully expect this post to be downvoted to hell because I am directly opposing 90 percent of the reddit community, but if you are a strong willed individual who respects the developers time enough then talk up since it seems we're few and far between with this echo chamber site.

You do understand that the whole reason they allow some stuff is dictated by the neighborhood is they have been terrible at it and because they tried dictating items themselves and killed their game. Their game wouldn't be successful and quite as popular since they aren't competent enough, if they didn't do this, so they should be thanking the community, while it was smart of them to go this route. It is similar to polling makes them immune to any legitimate criticisms, and it isn't wrong to call them out on matters that are essential to call out go lick Jagexs butthole elsewhere Karen.

Some suggestions are justified. However, these quality of life updates are what I'm focusing on. Most of them are the pettiest complaints I have ever seen. I read them and I only think wow, what a individual to complain. It is things I have never had a problem with but someone gets mad about this trivial tiny little thing and then believes it has to be changed. The worlds moving soft dude. My view is pretty bleak on this upcoming generation if such quality are what they can't deal with. Gonna when they grow up to run the world be frightening.Ironmen mostly don't have much to invest gold on so death is a superb thing to have as is, provides lots of worth to GP that might otherwise be useless. It is great to have a universal usage. 1 thing is you don't need to bring that switch, this change, and the change. You simply don't. If you're dying so much that it's causing you trouble, you can enhance at the boss then bring that stuff rather than trying to bring a lot of stuff and bleeding money like crazy. A or OSRS buy gold so is that much costlier than A standard gear setup. Bosses at RuneScape are for the most part very weak -. This just should not be a major issue.