The feature in Madden 21 that nobody ever talks about

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You get to rewatch the cutscene in the last 7 Maddens. That is exactly what I like to buy Madden nfl 21 coins call CONSISTENCY.

You get to rewatch the cutscene in the last 7 Maddens. That is exactly what I like to buy Madden nfl 21 coins call CONSISTENCY. Who really wants to pay $60 and need to endure the shock of seeing something NEW? I DONT. I wanna win the Super Bowl? And see 1 participant tackle the other participant in bash and then wanna see the trainer and QB take turns holding up the Lombardi Trophy on platform exactly the same exact way, and I would like to see the same confetti fall from the skies. Then I need the abrupt end. It's the benefit. I dont feel stupid whenever I buy Madden and see the exact same cutscene every moment. I feel big n that is smart happy.

Me not only dumb consumer, and that is known by EA. EA care about creating match, it obvious. No additional studio does so because they're stupid and wish to"innovate" and provide the customer"something exciting and new" in exchange for their hard earned money. Only big idiot losers have integrity. I hope other studios take note of this and implement this consistency into their Madden NFL.

What about the fact that none of the players on the sidelines to team are real players on the group? I found stick skinny white participant with the amount 96 on his jersey (no name), but the guy who had that number was a 300lb black man with dreads. EA is lazy. Your sideline players are guys who are so sparse that they could be blown by wind over or guys with massive guts. And all of them do reactions to the play happening. This would be acceptable in Madden 08 but it is only pathetic in Madden 21 to possess this nevertheless.

This is honestly the reason I am done with madden. I adored it when I had been my sim league, but there certainly were a lot of elite gamers and that I was sick of grinding 9-7 like I'm the Dolphins. The lead around Madden NFL 21 felt just like any other game, and the super bowl celebration was embarrassingly trash. What is the point? Also who the hell is Charles Gaudin? Had never heard of this guy and have never seen him call a match.

As well they should be. EA Sports has created a monopoly on the industry. And each year that they sell the product. They ignore what the neighborhood sell us items like DJ Khaled and instead needs. It's a game recycled each year by simply taking features out and placing new ones. EA Sports could be lazy because they have a monopoly on the marketplace which is just been extended. Madden NFL 21 is garbage. They haven't made advances to Madden NFL 21play or manners like franchise in over a decade. There is not even a playoff picture in franchise. Fans of Madden NFL 21 end of football gaming should continue to cheap Mut 21 coins talk up since this is the way it went our voice is going to get hurt.