This old chestnut mare was ridden into the floor

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Can we return to it being an indie dimension studio? I mean we all still hand over our cash every month. Why would they change their methods? How would you know whether an MTX voucher was postponed? Some of them aren't declared beforehand. We get one every week and RS gold that's how it's been for quite a while. They have not missed a week has been exactly what I supposed. They haven't missed a week since the promotions require next to no work?

No I am not trying to directly compare the time investments of those. Remember when we were advised gwd3 would come summer 2020, then summertime 2020 comes and jagex is like"oh we have only began development on gwd3" that's an issue.

Time and time again we're told x update will be coming at y time, and more often than not we are left in the dark about the progress and items get delayed more frequently than published on-time. In case jagex is gonna supply a timeframe for an update the least they could do is keep us updated on the improvement and not only leave us in the dark until the final minute.

After the amount of updates started to drop Jagex began doing updates to produce things such as jar pursuit creation much easier asserting it'd allow them to release more quests again. That didn't happen because the challenge is Jagex, not the difficulty of developing content.

This old chestnut mare was ridden into the floor. Yes OSRS requires less to develop, but that's not and never has been a justification. Just not wanting is just a case of laziness regardless of the source. They just announced a new construction method from the fashion of dimensions of Safecracking in today's QA Livestream. I think they also told us they are outsourcing and hiring a great deal of devs. Some are starting as soon as a week, even if MTX really things then it's a fantastic cause for more hiring.

Much like the coming storage update OSRS is getting to RuneScape gold buy