I have started the Creature of Frankenstein quest

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I have started the Creature of Frankenstein quest

I have started the Creature of Frankenstein quest, and OSRS gold have gotten to the part where you need to discover the guys mind. I get close to the location where you dig it, but I almost always keep getting killed by leeches and witches, and wind up teleporting back to varrock! I basically only sold out all of my bank and I have around 17m now. I want to raise a money making skill up and I want to understand what to do and the way to do it. Because I am not good with money and want some players who are far better than me to help me out. What monster can I kill and recieve a fantastic amout of charms (Doesn't matter what type ), also if I need to perform a quest or something in order to access them that'd be helpful. Slayer level is 22.

If so, I could just use an addy plate using a berserker ring... or is it the restpect u get for wearing the fighters torso? Well honestly I dont give such ppl any regard in any way, im pretty confident, helm of nietznot, fighters chest, d lags, d boots and rune defender is your most over used training outfit (give or take an item or two ). If a lot of ppl have the chest how much respect could un potential gain.

Torso's are great in situations where you don't need defence, along with the extra defence of a rune or granite body is wasted because the creature/s your fighting don't hit large enough to require it. For instance, lets say your playing Pest Control. Unless you have a shocking defence level, its very difficult to die here in a standard round. Your objective is to get up to XP in the short time that the game lasts as possible. Therefore a torso is much more suited than something such as a torags plate. Another example is if your using protection against melee/magic/range from a monster and the defence isn't needed. Also when high levels are fighting monsters such as fire giants (generally for slayer), the giants do not hit frequently so a torso is good.

A bandos plate is great because it provides better citizenship than the torso, and if you have a great deal of money to devote its useful to have this excess defence for situations where a high defence bonus is required, but you still want the strength bonus. Torags plates are undesirable as it costs time and money to fix them, so in the event that you have sufficient money to cheap RuneScape gold purchase whatever you want, a bandos plate would probably be preferred. Have u seen the folks with godswords? A lot of them wear fighters chest over bandos plate. The can obviosly afford it and it has better def, yet they stick together with the dang torso