Old School Runescape Streamer Gets Insanely Rare Double Drop

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Some players can spend years looking for the rarest drops in Old School Runescape, but streamer Jakeyosaurus lucked out along with two simultaneously.

It was only another day for Twitch streamer Jakeyosaurus as they started up Old School RuneScape while using the intent to do some Treasure Trail quests. He had 150 Hard reward caskets, so he soon started digging until he unearthed an OSRS Gold Treasure Trail scroll.

Many players fall into the trap of looking for the rarest products in RuneScape, but Jakeyosaurus is not looking for anything in particular. After a fierce battle, when he saw that the imitator he had just defeated contained a crane beak, his expression was shocked. This is the second most effective prop in Old School RuneScape, second only to the twisted bow and arrow.

There beside him experienced a new companion, a bloodhound who bears a striking resemblance to your famous Sherlock Holmes. Each treasure is amazingly rare by itself. According to the Twitter user and self-proclaimed Clue Scroll Enthusiast, the probability of getting a bloodhound and also a nonspecific 3rd Age tool is roughly 1:207200.

The bloodhound is undoubtedly an A-tier pet, which enables it to only be acquired through Treasure Trail scrolls. With floppy ears, lolling tongue, as well as a fetching green deerstalker cap, you can actually see why many Old School RuneScape players think about the detective dog being the most coveted follower amongst people, at least for now. Jagex continues to be putting out updates for your nearly two-decade-old game, for example, the Nightmare of Ashihama raid, so it is only a few times.

Jakeyosaurus's 4-year mission for acquiring the rare pet has come to an end in what may be the rarest drop in OSRS history. "If I had noticed both as well, I might have just exploded," Jakeyosaurus said breathlessly, completely taken aback by his good luck. If you also want to obtain rare items, I suggest you Buy OSRS Gold to improve your combat effectiveness and try different tasks multiple times. After all, good luck does not happen to every player.

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