You can't listen to the haters

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You can't listen to the haters. Additionally, there are a lot of EVE Mobile ISK good people posting gfs and other kind words.Agree. I'm in the GH and contains a great deal of fun. Many thanks, and even more so to be clean and respectful.GH manhood here, who was a great fight by both sides everyone fought hard and used what they needed to achieve fantastic things props to everyone who had been there.

In terms of the men and women in the remarks crying about kills, who cares frankly its not really about that. Just be happy both sides had achieved something in one manner or another. IMO yes SHH was extremely well organized and because of that had more kills than people, albeit most of those kills were probably newbies in their destroyers xD But none the less that they soundly beat us in regards to that.

GH on the other hand, we held our ground and owing to our fast response times by a number of our members we were able to collect a fleet of hundreds and hold back the assault and achieve our aim of preparing our channel. I'm proud to maintain GH as we are very good at responding to enemy fleets and we have experienced fleet commanders who lead us to Buy EVE Echoes Items victory.