I am brand new to RuneScape

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Any particular strategies? Honestly, the pursuit guides only let you know exactly what to OSRS gold do, not so well on how. So that's when I go from Story telling to... actual story telling. What if I do? Here's how I did it. I took no food, just the ring along with a games necklace along with an axe. I kept moving. Cut a root, ran to another side, cut another root, etc.. . After I had 5, I lit a fire. I tried again and again when I died then I just went back. The matter is, it conserves everytime. Basically, I lit one firing and died and did the other and died. Took small food (sharks) too.

Another great thing is, following the first room it's a bit easier. The other rooms you HAVE to run around so it's not like you're in one spot waiting to acquire something. After you do that which I did in the first room, it should all be simple. Otherwise, just continue what I did. Get him struck after, try to do it , if not you die, lose about nothing, and try again. Uncomplicated teleport back with a necklace. If you are willing to do that, do not attract energy potions. Possibly for the second and third rooms but the first area is most likely the hardest. Regardless of what you wear, you may always take significant damage when struck. Best thing to do would be not worry about dying and simply concentrate on what you have to do.

Hey guys, I am brand new to this forum, and lots of my buddies have gotten plenty of their questions answered here in Sal's RuneScape Forum, anyways, within the next week I'm going to subscribe to members (haven't done so in a few years). I've been wondering why, not just I wanted all of the additional attributes RuneScape, but I also wanted to boost up my income. So what do you guys believe, is going to be a solid flow of revenue? Should I kill some particular monster for their falls? Or should I use a non-combat ability to find this gain?

Ok I did the Horror of this profound quest, so now I can train about the draoonths or whatever there called. I moved to fight them with my cannon, set it up, loaded it, started fireing and then my entire life went from 55 to 20 instly. I caught my cannon, then shot stright up the ladder. Barly lived with 9 hp and all food gone. Here are my stats. 60att. 58str (lvling atm with meele). 41def (I dont actually need to lvl this one, tho I will if I have to). 54mage. 43range(I want to use cannon to prepare upward ). 29 prayer(Ya its own low I know...)

Ok my gear was full Dragonhide with normal coif, Anti-Dragonfire shield, Glory amulet, Combat braclet, explores ring.Just wondering about my inventory if it is good or if I should alter it based on my levels. I'm not concerened about my levels. I am confident I can do it. I have watched lots of videos and have observed many guides. I've 70 att, str, def, array and 46 prayer. I'll be with karils cbow and I have 5k bolt racks. Allow me to know if anything should change up to buy 2007 runescape gold now. I'll have in my inventory: -15 super restores (4)-5 sara brews (4)-1 range kettle (4)-5 prayer pots (4)-1 shark.