Good job im a rather casual RuneScape player

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I'm 1900 total and feel. I recently reached game without grinding a stupid quantity of OSRS buy gold time lol together with the diaries I will finish.

I'm 1900 total and feel. I recently reached game without grinding a stupid quantity of OSRS buy gold time lol together with the diaries I will finish. My lowest skill is 67 RC but most other abilities are between 70-80 with the exclusion of farming, fishing and Slayer/melee. Bought rigour, IH, zenyte gear, etc.. CBA to grind for void before vorkath so chose to go back into Slayer (AFK-ed to 95 lol) and hot that a basilisk task.

I had the exact same problem in my main, endgame pvm simply felt so tedious and pointless. Decided to make an ironman to fuck about not expecting to play with it, got hooked. The sensation of getting a fall you've been grinding for is really addicting. As soon as I finished a challenging clue on my primary and obtained something like glory (t) or god d hide I just felt like"cool 200k", but the exact same drop on an ironman and I get super excited. I dont have enough time to play with a whole lot, but I eventually got into the endgame with dwh, lance, bp, zenytes etc.. Its the most fun I have ever had playing runescape, theres always so much to do if you arent only killing the exact same boss for max gp/h.

You need to seriously attempt ironman, you dont need to go super sweaty to achieve endgame, just set a goal and grind for it every once in a while so you dont get burnt out.I would bond on my main and never look back if I didnt need to redo all the quests, as an iron man to boot. I despise questing much. Add at the loss of some major simple quality of life stuff (mainly things like purchasing teleports to everywhere, prayer/stamina pots), and also ironman is a bit too much for me.

I need to mention though RuneScape changes as you advance. I started off loving slayer so I did this, I recall a lvl 126 telling me was"far away" from abby demons around 6 months ago. Well this past month identification consider my osrs life unrecognisable. I now love the content I hated (quests now unlock genuinely excellent stuff and are the main way to progress my acc now im okay money wise). 6 months ago I had been could just about manage kbd and barrows and 1200 complete and had a bank. The grind is actual but damn im glad I found cool folks and a solid cc and listened to information, but realising 92 is half way to 99 is a significant reality check.... Good job im a rather casual RuneScape player.

The interface is easily the largest barrier to entry for RuneScape in my opinion. I'd recommend going into edit mode and attempt to resemble something similar to heritage while maintaining the benefits of having a lot of helpful stuff open in precisely the exact same moment. This is my layout which I believe is simple while giving access to everything I want the majority of the moment to me. I am not some endgame PvMer though so I'm probably missing a lot of cheap RS gold shit helpful for bossing.